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Oct 31, 2012 7:30am EDT
represent. >> we're going to move on. dr. ryan budget. it's been a huge issue. you this question for you, congresswoman to give repeatedly sought to tie your opponent to the ryan budget. is a very successful strategy that you employed in the special election what you want to see jakarta occupy but given the fact that mitt romney while saying he is on the same page as congressman ryan has outlined plans including for medicare that are substantially different from what right has a post twice now and gendered you voted no on, is this a fair line of attack is. hochul: they are still trying to break the promise made to seniors in 1965 that would have a guarantee program that will pay been since her high school job that money should be waiting for us when we retired. it didn't work in 1960 of any idea of even turn part of it back to the insurance companies basically would jeopardize the solid promise we make your cities. so i understand why their water it down and backpedaling from what they had come and thank god we had an election last year to put the spotlight on whether -- [inaudible] and
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
watch out because she wants to change it. the ryan budget should vote for makes into the voucher program. that's one way to handle it but there are other ways. medicare needs some adjustments but fundamentally it's a program that works. what doesn't work is the very, very high cost of health care. that's a lot our we need to do to lower health care costs. obamnicare did start the process. it did start lowering health care cost. however, we need to do more. one of the things that we're primary here in central new york is electronic medical records. those are one ways we can avoid repetition and different tests and things like that. we can work with medical schools, physicians dementias more primary care physicians. also lower medical costs. we need to work together, a proposal of family physicians to make a medical home. these are all ideas that will help lower medical costs and save medicare. >> moderator: we're going to go to ann marie buerkle trained to thank you. of all of the distortions and the disingenuous advertising and ad campaigns that have gone on, it is dan maffei's position
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2